Ed Barnhart - AXD Philadelphia

to always by design

At Always by Design, we work exclusively designing contemporary, owner-occupied, primary residences and vacation homes. Our insistence on working directly with owners who will reside in the finished home is instrumental to both our process and the finished outcome. Why? Because it is only by engaging the particulars and nature of place and person that one can achieve a profound sense of home and belonging.

Our Holistic Dwelling Practice sees design as an integrative means to the mind, body, spirit, and soul wellness of homeowners. The primary tenet of this approach is that home – the place and structure of our everyday dwelling activities – is the foundation on which we build and nourish our best self.

Creating a new home is exciting. Owners are typically eager to get into the design process as soon as possible to envision their new home. All too often though, many people start designing using inadequate information or poor assumptions. Like building on a bad foundation, a house designed with minimal information can be costly – resulting in re-designing, re-building, or compromising the house itself – all potentially adversely impacting the integrity of the house and owners’ lifestyle.

In getting started, not only do we not rush the information-gathering process but, we dig deeply – to develop foundations for a home that will stand the test of time – enriching the lives and garnering the affections of both present owners and future generations. The very first step in creating a new home for an owner is to conduct a Holistic Dwelling Workshop. Even if you’re not yet ready to build, it provides depth and clarity for anyone seeking to design a new home.

We’d welcome discussing your project. While you can always call or email us, we invite you to schedule a consultation directly with architect Ed Barnhart, principal of Always by Design using the link below.