Always by Design - What We Do

WHAT we do

Always by Design strives to craft places which stimulate the senses and intellect of users – fostering wellness and joy. Our mission, whether expressed through the curvaceous feel of a handrail or the expansive luminosity of a space, is to deliver functionality with grace. It is not enough to serve the practical needs of inhabitants. Architecture must also give voice to their spirit.

We work with homeowners, proprietors and institutional leaders committed to improving the quality of their work experience and lifestyle. Our project sites range from remote forests, to coastal communities and dense urban environments. Commissions include new buildings, additions, renovations, and repurposing obsolete buildings for second lives. The motivations and values of our clients and team members are of greater importance to us than the size or prestige of any given project.

Our services include feasibility studies, building surveys, programming, space planning, full design services including interiors, construction documentation, building code reviews and governmental approvals, contractor selection, cost management, and construction period assistance.

The goal of every project is to develop new and lasting relationships, inspiring clients, colleagues and contractors along the way to work together to create something truly greater than the sum of its parts.

Always by Design - What We Do