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“My passion is to create homes where people feel that they truly belong.”

– Ed Barnhart, principal, AxD

Hi, I'm Ed Barnhart

As the architect and founder of Always by Design, let me introduce myself.

It was my own quest for wholeness that led me to form AxD in 2005, leaving behind 20 years of practice at prestigious design firms. During those formative years, working on projects from England to Japan, I learned the importance of attending to the details, communicating effectively, and being fully invested and passionate in whatever I do.

Now, as a solo practitioner applying those qualities, delving into the why's and how's of each project – from the big picture to the smallest of details – is what makes me feel at home in my own practice. Having the opportunity to collaborate directly with homeowners like you from start to finish – from an initial dream to our making it real – not only enables each project to be personal and unique, it also allows the process to be smooth and deeply rewarding for everyone involved.

“What impressed us about Ed was his ability to work with us as well as for us. Ed served not only our architect, but as our support person and trusted advocate.”

— Peggy F.

Discover how to feel truly at home

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