“A home isn’t simply a refuge – a place of shelter and rest, it’s also a place of prospect – inspiring discovery and growth; a place where one dwells, owning a sense of wholeness.”

– Ed Barnhart, principal, AxD


A Wholeness Dwelling...

Is your "baby" from conception through to delivery, not a hand-me-down of someone else's lifestyle decisions. The result is your gaining a profound sense of true ownership.

Embodies an authentic commitment to a time and place, community and environment – which instills a deep sense of rootedness and belonging.

Engenders a feeling of wholeness and empowerment. It's a home that finally "gets you" – not only providing shelter but inspiring everyday joy and living your best self.

What's important about a wholeness dwelling is that it focuses on qualities that benefit all aspects of your life, each and every day.

What goes into making a wholeness dwelling?

As it turns out, a lot.

Creating a wholeness dwelling isn't about getting one thing right, nor the seduction of an initial wow. It's about doing a whole myriad of things right, big and small, to cultivate a long-term love affair and deliver an experience of ahhh that stays with you for the rest of your life.

Creating your home is about coming full circle as to what realizing fully means. It starts with having an understanding and finds completion in our making it real. Thus, understanding made real.


Sources that inspire wholeness

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