Arriving home is more than simply opening and closing a door.

Approaching, we have a sense of anticipation – perhaps catching a glimpse of a tranquil lake that our home faces. Or maybe our approach is slowed by a gracefully curving path or stepping-stones.

We find delight in a particular detail or seeing our home as a lantern – beckoning us home –  where we find a welcoming porch that awaits our return.

We’re greeted by the people or pets we love. We glance at our artwork and keepsakes. Then we find a place to sit or set down what we carry, and we’re tempted with a place to relax, making us feel truly at home.


Settling in helps us to find respite and regain our sense of center.

Like coming upon an open meadow in a forest, the heart of our home offers us the sense of a clearing –a space to receive and welcome our being. Whatever names we give to the places that welcome us to settle – great room, living room, family room or porch – we find space to attend to ourselves and share intimacies with family and friends.

Perhaps it’s catching a quiet moment alone to think or sharing the warmth of a fire with a spouse or child. All the while, we enjoy having an awareness of the movement of the sun and passing clouds, the caress of summer breezes, and the sounds and smell of springtime rain -- feeling part of the cycle of seasons and life forms that surround us and enrich our lives.


Connecting our daily activities with aesthetic grace inspires wholeness.

Stairs and passageways can contribute grace and a natural flow to our daily movements. They can provide a breath of air – a sense of light and openness – offering us views of interest and time to reflect – perhaps even offering us places to sit and read.

Lightwells can act as sculptural elements – adding drama and focus – as well as enable indoor gardens to flourish and improve our indoor air quality.


Eating and drinking are occasions for sharing joy.

No longer banished out of sight, our kitchens often serve as the hub of homes – a desired place to be – alone or with others, for cooking or simply enjoying a drink or snack. Cabinets designed for intuitive use, generous work surfaces, well-arranged appliances, and abundant lighting allow activities to be performed with a sense of grace and pleasure.

The sharing of food with family and friends calls for a space of warmth and intimacy. Lighting may give focus to a table centerpiece and provide an overall ambient glow. A natural wood ceiling may provide a rich visual accent – while invisibly incorporating sound absorbent materials that make conversations and holiday toasts easy for everyone to hear.


Bathing soothes our body and reawakens our intimate senses.

A bath should be a celebration of water, light, and nature.

Windows may be used to showcase views of nearby vegetation and, when opened, allow us to feel summer breezes, smell the ocean, or hear bird calls as we shower or soak in a tub.


Dreaming restores our best self to both mind and body.

We all hold our own bedroom as our most intimate sanctuary – our place to rejuvenate and find deep pleasure.

In these spaces, more than anywhere else, we strive to fine-tune the light, sound, air quality, temperature, and humidity to best suit our own personal preferences.

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