A building which inspires the mind and neglects the body is as much a failure as one which accommodates the body but does nothing to inspire. For me, architecture is not a job, or even a career – it is a calling. What began in my earliest years as a general impulse to build and shape things, gave way to a more focused mandate to make places better for habitation – of mind and body.”

Ed Barnhart, AIA principal

Prior to forming Always by Design in 2005, Ed Barnhart practiced for over twenty years in internationally recognized architectural firms including Bohlin Cywinski Jackson and Venturi Scott Brown & Associates. His experience included significant roles on an unusually diverse mix of clients and building types, both overseas and domestically, including:

Cultural Institutions: The National Gallery of Art (England), The Barnes Foundation (Lower Merion)

Academic Buildings: Bard College, University of Pennsylvania, and Penn State University

Corporate Offices: Coleco Corporation, ASTM International

: Single-family and public housing (Upstate New York)

: Hotel and Spa (Japan)

Religious Institutions
: Church and Assembly Space Renovations (various denominations)

: Airport Terminal Building (Harrisburg International Airport)

: Equestrian Neonatal and Intensive Care Hospital Addition

: Veterans Administration Dining Hall, USPS Maintenance Facilities, U.S. Navy/Air Force Reserve Operations Center

Ed received his professional degrees from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, graduating Magna cum laude with bachelor degrees in both Architecture and Building Science. He was recipient of the Harriet R. Peck Prize for Best Final Project. Prior to graduating he studied in both Copenhagen and Rome, focusing on social housing and architectural history respectively. His travels for work or leisure have included: 46 of the continental states, Puerto Rico, Honduras, Costa Rica, Bali, St. Lucia, Aruba, Japan, England, Scotland, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, Yugoslavia and Greece.

Ed is a member of the American Institute of Architects and is NCARB certified (National Council of Architectural Registration Board). He maintains architectural registrations in New York, Illinois, Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

While maintaining his own practice, Ed has served as a design critic / juror for numerous institutions including: Drexel University, New Hampshire Chapter of the AIA, Parsons School of Design, Pennsylvania State University, Philadelphia Chapter of the AIA, Philadelphia University, Spring Garden College, and Temple University.