Always by Design - How We Are Different

HOW we're different

“Increasingly I’m approached by people who have experienced a house I’ve designed. They come to me because they really liked how the house felt to them. They use words like tranquil, comfortable, relaxed, minimal, light-filled, thoughtful, soothing, Zen-like, and gracious.”

Ed Barnhart, Principal

Architect Ed Barnhart formed Always by Design in 2005 to realize a more intimate and holistic way of practicing architecture. Ed serves as the single point of contact for each project from start to finish. This assures continuity and completeness, both in process and the final built product. Ed strives to engage all participants of a project – owners, allied professionals, and contractors – intellectually and emotionally to collectively achieve the best possible results and holistic “ownership” in the project.

Ultimately, Ed found it to be of greater value to his clients to apply his thirty-plus years of experience to working directly for owners — rather than indirectly, mentoring a staff of lesser experience. Now, as a sole practitioner, he is able to provide exceptional single-source continuity for every project– from conception to completion. For owners, working with Ed means holistic involvement in their project from a “high altitude” down to the smallest of details.

The core passion behind AxD is in crafting contemporary homes from the particulars of place, people and purpose. The search to understand the unique circumstances and essential nature underlying each project inspires work that is authentic to our time.

Always by Design - How We Are Different

Ed works to make every relationship a success and the basis of a long term relationship. The results are evidenced by the high proportion of repeat clients and contractor referrals AxD receives on an on-going basis.